Saturday, May 14, 2011

3 months? I thought you were leaving for 2 weeks?!

Passport - check

Plane ticket - check

Host family info - check

Automatic bill payments - Hmm?

Utilities payments - Uhhhh...

Place to live once back in the states - Umm...well?

The week leading up to this trip has been one of my busiest: finals, work, family time, financial planning, - all needed to be done prior to this trip. I was doing pretty good with this juggling act until 2am a couple weeks ago when I realized I hadn't prepared a for my re- emersion, as I had my emersion. While focusing on making sure I had the plans for Costa Rica set, I forgot about maintaining things here in the U.S. during my absence to ensuring a pleasant return. How fun would have been to come back and see all of my belongings in the dumpster because I was evicted? Pure genius

Coupled with my lapse in maintaining "home security", I had been avoiding packing since the day I signed up for this trip. One day, however when having lunch with my mentor, we began to discuss the real reason behind this avoidance.


It's not fun to pack when it becomes a game of "I wonder if this fits?" I want to lead a healthy life in every aspect. I believe God has an amazing plan for my life, but I can't accomplish any of those things without being spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy. I think we all do this to ourselves. We avoid things that force us to look at our flaws. It is through this experience I hope to face the uncomfortable things in my life. Being a person with a disability has caused me to live a shelters life full of supports and safety nets. It will be interesting to see how I catch my fall versus waiting on someone to catch me.

Mother Nature must be mimicking my emotional state because she sent an earthquake down to warn the people that I was heading in their direction....seriously. A town 16 miles away from where I'll be living just got hit with a 6.0 earthquake. Only in the life of Shawn, right? I was unable to get through to my family via phone, so hopefully they'll respond to my email before I on the plane. Please keep the people of Costa Rica in your prayers.

Sunday morning will be here before I know it (only a few more hours)! I have no doubt that this trip is just the first chapter of my international journeys. Let’s just hope Mother Nature and I both get our acts together in time.

Hang on people, this blog and this experience is the first of many adventures to come.


Ps…here’s my address for those who have been asking.

Universidad Veritas

1 km al oeste de la Casa Presidencial

Apartado 1380-1000 San Jose, Costa Rica

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