Saturday, May 26, 2012

Here's to 25 more!

In a few weeks, I will be 25! I know most try to forget about getting older, but birthdays are something special to me. That’s because it was thought that I would never reach my 1st birthday. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy after being born 3 months early, my parents were told that I would live a very limited life---if I lived throughout the night. However, through prayer and resources that were available, I was able to break free from those limitations and challenge myself on levels that were originally seen as impossible.

Trough places like Easter Seals Capper, I have lived a very fulfilling life, and I want to ensure others can do the same. I hope you will help celebrate my birthday by donating to my 25th Birthday Giving Celebration!

As I turn 25, I want to begin with purpose and appreciation. There are many who have worked to ensure I live a purpose driven life and I want to ensure that those like me have all they need to do the same I've spent a great deal of time thinking about how I can continue the gift of giving, and I believe my birthday, June 13th, would be the perfect opportunity. I've chosen to use my birthday to highlight the Easter Seals Capper Foundation, which  provides exceptional individualized services to ensure that people with disabilities and their families have opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities. This organization works with people just like me and it's because of organizations like this that I'm alive.

When I met with the Foundation about donating my birthday, I asked them what their needs were; although there are many ways to get involved, I wanted to know what would have the greatest impact on families. Considering this, it didn't take much time to decide I would be purchasing Ipads for the foundation to use in therapy for the people they serve. Software similar to the apps used cost around $7,000, when now you can buy and Ipad and the software for around $700.

To see how this technology is making such a significant impact, watch this video: Ipads, Apps & Autism.

Check out my giving page here to make a donation.

Please help me celebrate a birthday that many believed would never come by making sure others like me have a chance to reach it themselves.

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